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Purchase and sale of Montcada pallets

Purchase and sale of Montcada pallets

Reciclajes Moa, we are a large company in which we are mainly dedicated to the purchase and sale of pallets in Montcada and in many surrounding cities, however, we also manufacture new pallets and properly manage them so that in the future we can sell them again and they can be reused. In this way, instead of becoming polluting waste that is very harmful to the environment, it becomes a recycled product that is very respectful of what surrounds us.

But as we have said, one of our most successful services is the buy and sell of pallets in Montcada, since it is a very useful service, both for people and companies that have pallets and no longer need them and for those that need new pallets.

For example, if a company wants to renew all the pallets, because it has renovated the warehouse and needs ones with different sizes, instead of throwing away the old ones, what it can do is sell them and thus get money to buy pallets. new. The same thing happens with the people who need them, since if they buy recycled pallets, they will be saving money and also collaborating with the environment.

Without any doubt, as you can see, one of the values that characterizes us and differentiates us from companies similar to ours is the great commitment we have to caring for the environment, since we know and are aware of the big problem. that exists today, and we have to quickly find a solution, starting with companies like ours dedicated to purchase and sale of pallets in Montcada.

For this reason, we also offer our clients a container service, in which they can deposit any type of waste, which does not have to be wood, but anything that, if we throw it into the normal container without recycling it, could reach be polluting and harmful to the environment, but on the other hand, if we deposit it in one of our containers, we take care of converting them into high-quality raw and secondary materials that can be reused by other people, thus doing a great job for the environment. world around us.

Finally, we also want to highlight that in our company, Reciclajes Moa, our main objective is the satisfaction of all our clients, for this reason all the services we offer, such as purchase sale of pallets in Montcada, are specially designed to offer the best result, that is why we also offer completely personalized pallets for each of our clients, since we know that the needs of each of them are different.

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