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Mollet Pallets

Pallets Mollets

The best pallets for your company are those that are custom designed and manufactured, thinking about your needs, because they adapt perfectly to your company and the functionalities that are necessary. In Reciclajes Moa you can find models of pallets in mollet standard and also get custom made pallets.

In our catalog you have pallets of all types, sizes, shapes or measurements, so you can choose the model you want taking into account your needs and/or budget. The pallets in mollet What we offer you at Reciclajes Moa are; Semi Strong Pallet, Half Pallet, CP3 Pallet, Lost Bottom Pallet, Open American Pallet, 2nd European Pallet, Perimeter American Pallet, 3rd European Pallet, CP1 Pallet and White European Pallet. A wide and diverse range of products that have different technical characteristics in terms of shape, measurements, size, inputs, weight or loads (dynamic load, static load).

Unlike other companies in this sector, we pay attention to sustainability in all phases of production of our products. We recycle our own materials and do everything possible to extend their useful life, which is why we always try to transform waste into new, high-quality resources. The circular economy is one of our premises, because it is committed to protecting the environment, fighting climate change and sustainability, in all production processes. We take our work very seriously, to achieve products and services of high quality, sustainable and adapted to current market demands. Without ever abandoning our company philosophy, which is based on professionalism, efficiency, quality, product durability, recycling and sustainability. The pallets in mollet from Reciclajes Moa are efficient, durable, sustainable and recyclable, so if you trust our services you will not only obtain a benefit for your company, but you will also be doing a favor for the environment.

In addition to the design and manufacture of pallets in mollet custom-made, in our company you can also have a very interesting service for your company, hiring us as an external company to carry out waste management, streamlining this process in the safest and most stable way possible. It is a way to commit to the environment effectively, without having to invest the time or effort that this entails.

Enter our website and discover everything we are and what we do, in addition to knowing all the products we present in our catalog or follow our blog. If you wish, you can contact us through our email, by calling 937 197 971, filling out the contact form or coming in person to our offices, at Torre d'en Mateu, 86, in Barberá del Vallés (Barcelona). We will wait for you!

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