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Granollers Pallets

Granollers Pallets

If you have a company and need to get custom-made pallets that meet the real needs of your company, you should trust a specialized company like ours. We, at Reciclajes Moa, are specialized in the design and manufacture of pallets custom made in Granollers, with which you will achieve the best results. They are high quality pallets, efficient, durable, recyclable and following a sustainable production process.

The pallets that we offer are: Half Pallet, Open American Pallet, Perimeter American Pallet, CP1 Pallet, CP3 Pallet, 2nd European Pallet, 3rd European Pallet, White European Pallet, Lost Bottom Pallet and Semi Strong Pallet. Products designed to adapt to any company, which think about the efficiency of their functionality and also the protection of the environment. At Reciclajes Moa we present a model of sustainable products and services through recycling. In fact, we have a service, to be contracted externally by companies that require it, to carry out waste management in the safest and most sustainable way possible. The circular economy, for us, represents the only option to achieve efficient business models.

At Reciclajes Moa we present services based on the manufacturing, recycling and sale of pallets in Granollers. We offer a large and varied stock of all types of pallets and a pallet purchasing service, in which we recover and restore them to extend their useful life. We also manufacture pallets in Granollers of all types of measures that adjust to the particularities of each company and we carry out waste management for those companies that have an environmental commitment and are committed to preserving the environment, just as we do. At Reciclajes Moa we are sure that all waste is usable and, for this reason, we have a container service that is responsible for collecting all of our clients' waste, to convert it back into functional and high-quality 100% raw and secondary materials. In this way we transform waste back into resources, extending its life cycle and avoiding generating waste on the planet.

On our website you can learn everything you want about our company, product catalog, services, blogs or contact us. In our blog we present news and information related to the sector, so that you can obtain practical advice and know all the advantages that our products can offer you. pallets in Granollers, as well as our recycling service. You can contact us by filling out the form on our website, sending an email to, by calling 937 197 971 or visiting us in person at our offices in Barcelona, at Torre d'en Mateu, 86, in Barberá del Vallés. We will be happy to listen to you and design, together with you, personalized solutions through the manufacture of pallets in Granollers custom made.

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Avenida Torre d'en Mateu, 86
08210 Barberà del Vallès


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