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What are the international regulations that must be met to export pallets?

As a company specialized in purchase and sale of pallets of wood today we talk about the export of goods, specifically about the compliance that must be followed with international regulations when purchasing pallets for goods, passing freely and safely through customs.

In the purchase and sale of pallets It is important to take into account a series of rules and requirements that affect the export of goods and the pallets that transport them.

ISPM-15/NIMF-15 regulations

They are two standards that belong to the same regulations; ISPM-15 refers to the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures and ISPM-15 is the international standard for phytosanitary measures.

IPPC Regulations

The IPPC, for its part, refers to the Plan Protection Convention, that is, a treaty that applies to all international trade of any type of product that is dedicated to export. It is a regulation that appeared in 2002 to fumigate and mark said wooden packaging for international destinations. So, when we buy pallets for export, we must ensure that they comply with the ISPM or ISPM 15 regulations. To do this, you must look at the countries that subscribe to the regulations, since they vary.

As specialists in purchase and sale of pallets We want you to know that it is important that these pallets comply with phytosanitary regulations, ensuring that there are no insects or bacteria that travel with the pallet, to avoid the possibility of creating a pest at its destination.

To do this, it is necessary to carry out a heat treatment, bringing the pallet to a temperature of 56 degrees for 30 minutes in the center of the wood, in addition to a treatment by applying methyl bromide.

Pallets are required to bear a distinctive mark by means of a seal with a nomenclature that is included in the regulations, which must contain:

  • The two-letter code of the nation according to the ISO standard, in the case of Spain it would be ES
  • The identification number code by the Ministry of Agriculture of Spain, with the provincial code, registration number, supplier...
  • An abbreviation of the treatment that has been applied, taking into account the International Plant Protection Convention. HT in the thermal case and MB in the Methyl Bromide case.

As a company of purchase and sale of pallets We consider it important to have knowledge of this type of regulations. This regulation affects all wooden pallets, containers and packaging with a thickness greater than 6mm.

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